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Jesus said to me,

the number one problem and solution with the children of the light is:

“They Must Learn To Listen”



Some topics from the interview include:



Happiness vs evil
Children of the light

Higher self vs real self

Angels Guardian Angels
Happiness feed back loop
What abortion really means

Encrypted spiritual communications

Satanic mind control methods induce sin 

Covid pandemic part of a satanic depopulation plan 
Vaccine jabs for covid a deceptive killer with spike protein 

C-60 a defense against induced spike protein cell killer

Holy Spirit and communications protocols
Unidentified flying objects & alien life

Bible comes to life in the 21 century
Jesus Christ & God Almighty
Inter-dimensional craft





Join me in becoming a Johny Appleseed of happiness
Our Creator God Almighty is the Alfa of High Tech
Its time to learn how to defend ourselves
from the creeping evil.


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I walked in

My teachers said I was slow. I didn’t agree. In the 3rd grade l went looking for a way to recall my memories.  It was difficult time for me to remember ideas. In class ideas would flash before me with complete understanding than they would disapear.  Using self-hypnosis, I walked into my mind looking for the missing memories and found a voice.

The HAPPINESS Feedback Loop

For the first time ever I was given clear insturctions on how to use our interdimensional communications protocol.  HAPPINESS is a rudder for understanding our life path.

Our Kids

Teaching our kids how to use their 6th sense to access their other self, learning young will produces miracles.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Interview with the Angel

Chapter 14 Control

In a conversation with my Angel I Leaned why Bitcoin is so important now.

Space Time Craft & Angels

Faithship One

Our Lord IS the Creator of High Tech

Earlier civilizations saw space craft yet did not understand high technology.

Learning from the Angel interview

After a life time of gathering knowledge, nothing holds a candle to the Angel interview from Faithship One.

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The book


Chapter 1

My Life Begins With Wonder and bumps


Chapter 2

Time For Adventure


Chapter 3

Happy 21st Birthday


Chapter 4

Starting A Life as an Entrepreneur


Chapter 5

Who is the Voice


Chapter 6



Chapter 7

Nothing is Forever


Chapter 8

A Time for Revelations


Chapter 9

Getting my Life Back Slowly


Chapter 10



Chapter 11

Introduction by our Lord


Chapter 12

Getting to know the Participants


Chapter 13

Children of the Light


Chapter 14



Chapter 15



Chapter 16

Stopping Evil


Chapter 17

Revolving Habit


Chapter 18

Thought in Motion


Chapter 19

Positive Principals


Chapter 20



Chapter 21

Self Control


Chapter 22



Chapter 23

Wrapping it Up

Chapter 1

My Life Begins with
wonder and bumps

As a young boy growing up in Minnesota, I experienced a wonderful place a swamp next to a beautiful creek running through the edge of our back yard called Minnehaha in Edina.  My father was a kind man and an owner of a shoe store. I was very proud of him as he would take me to work with him and let me help customers, life was good.  My mother was small in stature a home maker in those days and a very gentle little lady and one sister one year younger than me. We all lived very happily together in our cozy two story home. I was unconsciously a happy kid.

One day I awoke to something very curious, I was about 7 years of age in the early 50s my sister was becoming a favored child in my parent’s eyes. It caused some consternation but, I was busy with kid things and my friends. It so happened my cousins my age, Charla and the twins Denny and Darrel lived across the street and replaced anything missing at home. We loved playing in the swamp, Charla says I was fun doing girl things too like playing with her dolls I don’t remember that. But I do remember fishing on the creek or exploring the little swamp.

Out of nowhere my parents notified me I had to see a doctor about a problem. I wasn’t aware of any problem I was not feeling sick. But like all trusting kids, off I went to the doctor.

The next thing I remember after the exam, I was placed in a hospital and operated on. It wasn’t until many years later that I understood what the operation was all about. My testicles hadn’t come down into the ball sack. But two things I really remember was how embarrassed I was as a kid when my parents talked about it or would insist I show people.  I would much rather show adults my love for climbing cloth lines and how much fun it was to do pull-ups on the polls. To this day its embarrassing to talk about.

The greatest memory was the operation itself.  Laying on the operating table and forced to breath pure diethyl ether and told to count backward from 100. I would now call it my first experience feeling the terror of forcefully leaving my body it was like a near death experience.  I remember this clearly; I was fully conscious and aware as I began to spun round and round and then into a curling tunnel as I speeded up. When the spinning quit, I found myself in place I would call heaven today.  I was aware of having a body.  I was as conscious as I was on earth then. It was a beautiful place, in vibrant pastel colors and loaded with kids and some supervision I was vaguely aware of.  I loved playing with the kids and the place so much I did not want to return to our world.  The love and kindness between my new friends was amazing. When the time came for me to leave, I protested over and over about returning to the world I came from. An adult being in my eyes, today I would liken it to an Angel said I should go back but it was not an order, it was a suggestion that I had a life and destiny to live up to.

Coming back was much easier, I fell asleep and woke up in a hospital bed I saw people huddling all around me they all seemed very animated and excited to see me back. I later found out I had not responded to recusation procedures and was thought to have fallen into a coma. I remember telling my parents this story about the experience with other kids and that I wanted to stay until an adult advised me it was better if I return.

Moving forward in time, home life started to become tense.  My father had a business partner in the shoe store and all I could understand at the time was money had been taken or missing and the shoe store was closing because they could not buy more shoes to sell and went bankrupt.

The business partner was Jewish and that left a negative impression on me that took years to remove from my consciousness. I had to learn to overcome and reinforce forgiveness looking for the good in all people that was from a voice I would learn to listen to. My new found ally had served me well.  “Forgive and forget.”  I had no idea why but I trusted the inner voice.

The bankruptcy progressed with more pain as people would come into our home and took our furniture, then the house and lastly my father was in a car accident, but not so serious as to cause physical problems, it was more of a financial issue no car, it was a total loss.  Finally, we moved into a two-story duplex upstairs unit near Lake Harriet. It was a confusing time but I remember one event I’ll never forget.  In those days kids could go outside without fear and explore their neighborhoods.  Being a red head Huckleberry Finn type kid and a new lake close by I headed there and found a long dock with little boats.  At the end of the dock was the most beautiful sail boat I had ever seen. Actually, it was the first.

The little sail on the boat was already up and flapping (luffing) in the breeze and the smell of water was just too much. I could not resist and climbed aboard. I had a sense that to be free I must untie the mooring lines. I did just that and jump aboard and sit on the little bench like I knew what I was doing.  I pulled in the mainsail line in, today I would call that line the main sheet not having a clue as to what I was doing I grabbed the little handle coming from the back of the boat (tiller) I found it could help me change directions and to my amazement off I went gently in the breeze moving away from the dock by myself. No fear of water as I could swim.  God knows how I made it back.  But I did and to the amazement of the owner and people on the dock.  They were all very kind to me. I was a happy kid.

Mom and dad brings home 2 surprises.  One a real woody station wagon that today would be the envy of surfers everywhere an original real wood paneled Ford wagon. And later a new brother Tim.

Good news dad was hired by United Air Lines in Northern California.  Preparing for a drive across America with all of our remaining belongings in a very cheap trailer hand made out of an old pickup bed from a truck.  It was a sight and smell I will never forget. Canvas covered with iron arches every so many feet apart looking like a covered wagon out of the old west or later a military spic unit.

We set off west to California.  With a couple of unpleasant interruptions the trip was an adventure for me.  No so for dad.  Somewhere in Wisconsin I believe the trailer buckled at the tow bar I believe it’s called the tongue as it dragged on the ground bringing us to a very quick stop.  It turned into a tedious trip as it was in the middle of summer with no air-conditioning was again something new to me.  We all learned to go with the flow.

We made it Millbrae California no worse for wear.

Dad found us a small apartment in Millbrae, which happed to be close to United Airlines and this was the start of a new world for me.  Not long after settling in, I was given a wooden sled like toy called a flexy with wheels that I would lay face down on and steered by pushing and pulling on a cross bar made of wood and steel.  Where I came from, in the winter time it would have metal rails instead of wheels and called a snow sled.  I was right at home with it till the day I hit a bump the sled reared up and I slide forward and off it with my front teeth catching the main impact. Busting both front teeth off.

This set me up for years with an inferiority. I had a fear of smiling as the doctor said, I was too young to put permanent teeth in so he put these plastic temporary space holders till I was in my teens.

Out of the apartment and into a little house in San Mateo about 1,500 square feet.  Three bedrooms one bath room, a living room and dining area between the kitchen. Home at last.  It was walking distance to my play yard the wonderful San Francisco Bay.  My home for years. Endless adventures fishing to my hearts content, hunting (yes) I had a pellet rifle and later a 22 caliber single shot rifle. I loved plunking.  Away from the public areas next to the bay I could shoot cans and things without worry of hitting people or property. A voice came to me very early in life and explained the value of life and that set the stage. I did not like killing so put that out of your mind.

Dad and mom became very busy. The last edition to our family came on Leap year brother Jim. Four kids and my grandma came to live with us to care for Tim and Jim because both parents had to work now.  I’m still amazed that dad held down 3 jobs and went to school to qualify for his job at United and moms one job left me free of supervision as Grandma was not interested in my wonderings and she had to pay attention to the two baby boys 9 and 10 years my junior.

By third grade I knew I had a real problem.  As I would set in class and listen to the teacher, I would have moments of crystal-clear understanding and the very next moment I was lost and befuddled.  Over and over growing it seemed to get worse.  I knew that because the kids around me would get it and keep it.  I would get it too then it would get lost.  Like magic an idea popped into my head as I was looking at ads in the back of a magazine.  Interestingly, pictures had a different impact on my memory.  It was those darn words and with them meanings that stumped me.  I was downgraded to that’s ok Mikey with a pat on the head. The verdict was I was slow.

I knew different but I did not have anyone to fall back on to guide me or encourage me.  It was before learning disabilities were identified and addressed with special teachers.  In my case I had good parents and at first I rationalized going to a military school could help discipline me and my brain problem could be controlled.  I asked my parents if they could send me to that military school not far from home they would say they could not afford it, I understood.

Then I saw an ad learn self-hypnosis.  That was it!  If I could hypnotize myself I might be able to find those words hidden in my brain that keep disappearing on me.  I figured that they were lost in my brain somewhere like miss filed was how I put it later and if I could find them I could speed up learning like the rest of the kids.

I talked my parents to send away for the book.  I took to it like a duck takes water. I would set and go through a series of exercises to relax like meditation and place myself on a quiet sandy grotto next to a cave. On my side was a sandy beach with a deep still water grotto in front of me with a sandy beach on the other side leading to a dark tunnel.  I would mentally cross the grotto and into the cave looking for where my lost words were stored.  What I found was God.

Hypnoses helped me over the years slowly I progressed toward normal reading intake and understanding. What I was not expecting was developing a line of communications with our lord, Lasting to this day.  It was a miracle or was it something God had in mind for me from the beginning?

Growing up near the bay brought lots of fun times along with trials and tribulations most would call a life time’s worth.  In one instance, I was exploring Coyote Point Cliffs on the bay. Having climbed one cliff to the top I slipped and fell to the bottom one-hundred feet or so crushing a knee on a big rock at the bottom.  The kids at the top didn’t know what to do for me luckily, I had left a bike at bay level about a block or two away. Somehow, I made it to my bike and peddled with the good leg while the bad leg was hanging. I made it home and from there to the doctors.  I was in a cast from ankle to crotch for six months.  The same cousins I mentioned in Edina moved to the bay after we settled and they were a few blocks away.  I had received a new bike for Christmas a few months earlier with both legs working for the first time as the doctor just removed the cast I was free again.  I peddled my new bike over to my cousins to show it off and my new found ability to use both legs.  I had 2 other cousins much older a boy and girl. Jack, the older boy was hiding behind the door as I went into the front room.  He flipped me and I hit a coffee table and there goes that darn leg again.  Jack was taking some kind of Judo and was just practicing on me so he said.  Back goes the cast for another six months.

After that, I was involved in an accidental explosion that threw shrapnel into my right hand where I could have lost two fingers and more. By the grace of God only my fingers and palm of my hand were damaged and put back together. In light of these adventures, I have overlooked commenting on the pain and suffering of recovery, that goes with it. All of us know about that.

Life continues, I started coming down with a recurring illness it was terribly debleating.  I couldn’t go to school for weeks on end then as I would start to get well, I would return to school. The illness would return and down I would go sick and in pain.  I had acquired kidney disease.  In those days it was beyond my doctor’s ability to help much.  I overheard the doctor finally giving up talking to my mother saying he was sorry but it was up to God as the outcome was not good.  In a moment of inspiration, the doctor said to my mother you could help give his kidneys a rest and that might help.  I became the first vegetarian in my neighborhood and maybe the whole city.  It worked very quickly, I started feeling better right away and I got back into school without relapsing within two years I tested normal.  I turned 75 in March 2021 and I have excellent health to this day. I use to run 3 miles every day till I turned 70, then a leg I hurt falling from the cliff started to report in so I stopped running and took up walking 3 miles a day and I’m still at it.

I’ll close on life as a kid here. I love water and swimming and was practicing backflips at the Boys Club down the street for when I would go to the big pool at the nearby college at Coyote Point for high dives and my favorite backflips.  I was using a trampoline at the Boys Club and I backflipped off the trampoline and onto my back as it hit a wood bench that broke 2 ribs and punctured one lung. I learned to suffer in quiet knowing I was in the process of healing.




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About the author

They say one picture is worth 1,00 words. Check out the photo galery below.

Michael Canfield

1951 Edina Minnesota Our Home next to the Minnehaha Creek Behind Us

As a child my first experience with an Angel

I hear something guiding me on my first sailing adventure

A wonderful place to grow up 2 blocks to the bay

I try self hypnosis to find my missing memories instead I find the voice

The voice, visualize a net across the highway with the word H E L P

At 17 years of age I Joined the Air Force while learning to flying the voice saves me from crashing

Big mistake in Misawa Japan, I was saved by the voice than ordered to Vietnam

Da Nang, back against the wall, the voice you will be fine, the Get-a-way

Between a rock-and-a-hard-place, I promise Jesus if I live I will serve him when he wants me

1967 Discharged on my 21st birthday

Graduated from Law School looking for a big promotion maybe

Life is good, the voice brings a message, it's time to move and meet your new wife

A dream come true, married to my dream girl and living on my new sail boat, the Billows Rage. The Angel identifies itself with it's name for the first time

A true sailing adventure, the steering wheel comes off the post in a gale storm. I ask the Angel for help, the wind stops

Enjoying Mazatlan with another couple. The Angel comes with a message.

Emily conceived in Mazatlan the night of the Angel visit with a vision of our sons birth and future life up to a white uniform. A home birth, right on schedule, I delivered my son

My new plane another adventure

My son falls from the 2nd story The Angel stops him in mid air

A real bomb goes off in Harvey's Casino near the Kent where we live

Time to leave Lake Tahoe for our new home

Dad I have a plan

Today a proud dad

Life is forever changed

The Angel brings another message

Im taken from my body and visit Jesus

Prison time is what you make it

I spent my time learning programing while developing JITLA

JITLA takes all my work and money The pro-type is just not going to work. I shut it down.

December 2008 I found what the Angel was taking about. Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin answered my prayer.

Opportunities with the Book and Cryptocurrencies are on the horizon

I'm Michael Canfield the author at 75 our Lord asked me to write this book a one-on-on interview with the Angel

Pre-order hardback

Faithship one


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