A Fantastic Journey wITH A  Guardian ANGEL


the book

Faithship one

Part 1

Author’s Life & adventureS
Growing up

with A GUARDIAN Angel

Part 2  
A Revelation
interview IN 2021  with A GUARDIAN




About The Book




 Michael grew up with a guardian angel most of his life named Peace. At the age of 7 Michael was operated on in what he describes as a near death experience. Sedated with diethyl ether, he did not loose consciousness, but thought he was being killed, as he spun out of his body and went to heaven. Where he met Peace. Faithship One was written durning the pandemic 2021 at the request of Peace, Michael was 75 at that time. A very timely and informative book about his life with a guardian angel, and current events.



Some topics from the interview include:

  • Faith
  • FaithShips
  • Happiness vs evil
    Children of the light
  • Higher self vs real self
  • Angels Guardian Angels
    Happiness feed back loop
    What abortion really mean
  • Encrypted spiritual communications
  • Satanic mind control methods induce sin 
  • Covid pandemic part of a satanic depopulation plan 
    Vaccine jabs for covid a deceptive killer with spike protein 
  • C-60 a defense against induced spike protein cell killer
  • Holy Spirit and communications protocols
    Unidentified flying objects & alien life
  • Bible comes to life in the 21 century
    Jesus Christ & God Almighty
    Inter-dimensional craft
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin

Faithship One AudioBook SAMPLE

by Author Michael Canfield | Narrator Matthew Longmire

I walked in

My teachers said I was slow. I didn’t agree. In the 3rd grade l went looking for a way to recall my memories.  It was difficult time for me to remember I had dyslexia.  In class ideas would flash before me with complete understanding than they would disapear.  Using self-hypnosis, I walked into my mind looking for the missing memories and found the voice, later connected with the angel I met in heaven, my guardian angel.

The HAPPINESS Feedback Loop

For the first time ever I was given clear insturctions on how to use our interdimensional communications protocol.  HAPPINESS is a rudder for understanding our life path.

Learning from my guardian Angel interview

After a life time of gathering knowledge, nothing holds a candle to the Angel interview from Faithship One.

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The book


Chapter 1

My Life Begins With Wonder and bumps


Chapter 2

Time For Adventure


Chapter 3

Happy 21st Birthday


Chapter 4

Starting A Life as an Entrepreneur


Chapter 5

Who is the Voice


Chapter 6



Chapter 7

Nothing is Forever


Chapter 8

A Time for Revelations


Chapter 9

Getting my Life Back Slowly


Chapter 10



Chapter 11

Introduction by our Lord


Chapter 12

Getting to know the Participants


Chapter 13

Children of the Light


Chapter 14



Chapter 15



Chapter 16

Stopping Evil


Chapter 17

Revolving Habit


Chapter 18

Thought in Motion


Chapter 19

Positive Principals


Chapter 20



Chapter 21

Self Control


Chapter 22



Chapter 23

Wrapping it Up

Chapter 1

My Life Begins with
wonder and bumps

As a young boy growing up in Minnesota, I experienced a wonderful place a swamp next to a beautiful creek running through the edge of our back yard called Minnehaha in Edina.  My father was a kind man and an owner of a shoe store. I was very proud of him as he would take me to work with him and let me help customers, life was good.  My mother was small in stature a home maker in those days and a very gentle little lady and one sister one year younger than me. We all lived very happily together in our cozy two story home. I was unconsciously a happy kid.

One day I awoke to something very curious, I was about 7 years of age in the early 50s my sister was becoming a favored child in my parent’s eyes. It caused some consternation but, I was busy with kid things and my friends. It so happened my cousins my age, Charla and the twins Denny and Darrel lived across the street and replaced anything missing at home. We loved playing in the swamp, Charla says I was fun doing girl things too like playing with her dolls I don’t remember that. But I do remember fishing on the creek or exploring the little swamp.

Out of nowhere my parents notified me I had to see a doctor about a problem. I wasn’t aware of any problem I was not feeling sick. But like all trusting kids, off I went to the doctor.

The next thing I remember after the exam, I was placed in a hospital and operated on. It wasn’t until many years later that I understood what the operation was all about. My testicles hadn’t come down into the ball sack. But two things I really remember was how embarrassed I was as a kid when my parents talked about it or would insist I show people.  I would much rather show adults my love for climbing cloth lines and how much fun it was to do pull-ups on the polls. To this day its embarrassing to talk about.

The greatest memory was the operation itself.  Laying on the operating table and forced to breath pure diethyl ether and told to count backward from 100. I would now call it my first experience feeling the terror of forcefully leaving my body it was like a near death experience.  I remember this clearly; I was fully conscious and aware as I began to spun round and round and then into a curling tunnel as I speeded up. When the spinning quit, I found myself in place I would call heaven today.  I was aware of having a body.  I was as conscious as I was on earth then. It was a beautiful place, in vibrant pastel colors and loaded with kids and some supervision I was vaguely aware of.  I loved playing with the kids and the place so much I did not want to return to our world.  The love and kindness between my new friends was amazing. When the time came for me to leave, I protested over and over about returning to the world I came from. An adult being in my eyes, today I would liken it to an Angel said I should go back but it was not an order, it was a suggestion that I had a life and destiny to live up to.

Coming back was much easier, I fell asleep and woke up in a hospital bed I saw people huddling all around me they all seemed very animated and excited to see me back. I later found out I had not responded to recusation procedures and was thought to have fallen into a coma. I remember telling my parents this story about the experience with other kids and that I wanted to stay until an adult advised me it was better if I return.




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About the author

They say one picture is worth 1,00 words. Check out the photo galery below.

Michael Canfield

As a child my first experience with an Angel

I try self hypnosis to find my missing memories instead I find the voice

The voice, visualize a net across the highway with the word H E L P

At 17 years of age I Joined the Air Force while learning to flying the voice saves me from crashing

Between a rock-and-a-hard-place, I promise Jesus if I live I will serve him when he wants me

1967 Discharged on my 21st birthday

Life is good, the voice brings a message, it's time to move and meet your new wife

A true sailing adventure, the steering wheel comes off the post in a gale storm. I ask the Angel for help, the wind stops

Enjoying Mazatlan with another couple. The Angel comes with a message.

My son falls from the 2nd story The Angel stops him in mid air

The Angel brings another message

Im taken from my body and visit Jesus

I'm Michael Canfield the author at 75 our Lord asked me to write this book a one-on-on interview with the Angel


Faithship one