Experience a journey of self-discovery with Michael’s true story in his book,

‘Faithship One, The Miracle of Faith.’

At just 7 years old, Michael met his guardian angel during a near death experience on an operating table. This encounter sparked a lifetime of heartwarming conversations and miraculous events that Michael shares including insightful Q&A, about the meaning of life and our spiritual being. Get ready to delve into a new and exciting world view and discover the answers to questions like ‘why are we here?’ and ‘how to live a joyful life using a God given tool each of us have at our command, his Guardian Angel calls the happiness feed back loop.


About the author then and now…Michael

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Michael Canfield

As a child my first experience with an Angel

I try self hypnosis to find my missing memories instead I find the voice

The voice, visualize a net across the highway with the word H E L P

At 17 years of age I Joined the Air Force while learning to flying the voice saves me from crashing

Between a rock-and-a-hard-place, I promise Jesus if I live I will serve him when he wants me

1967 Discharged on my 21st birthday

Life is good, the voice brings a message, it's time to move and meet your new wife

A true sailing adventure, the steering wheel comes off the post in a gale storm. I ask the Angel for help, the wind stops

Enjoying Mazatlan with another couple. The Angel comes with a message.

My son falls from the 2nd story The Angel stops him in mid air

The Angel brings another message

Im taken from my body and visit Jesus

I'm Michael Canfield the author at 75 our Lord asked me to write this book a one-on-on interview with the Angel

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