Faithship One complementary eBook edition


I have just completed this book in June 2021called:

Faithship One  

My claim is very far reaching.

I grew up being guided by an Angel. This last January 2021 I was asked by our Lord to do an interview with my Guardian Angel, of course I agreed.  Many subjects were discussed.  A couple of the subjects discussed were Bitcoin and Covid pandemic and the  jab and how to stop the effects of the jab if taken.

I think the book has merit and I need to get the word out. 

The real upshot of the book is teaching people how to communicate with our Lord and his Angels.  Others who have read the book find it full of revelations.  Even I’m overwhelmed by the content. 

Some topics from the interview include:

Happiness vs evil
Children of the light
Higher self vs real self
Angels Guardian Angels
Happiness feed back loop
Encrypted spiritual communications
Satanic mind control methods induce sin
Covid pandemic part of a satanic depopulation plan 
Vaccine jabs for covid a deceptive killer with spike protein
C-60 a defense against induced spike protein cell killer
Holy Spirit and communications protocols
Unidentified flying objects & alien life
Bible comes to life in the 21 century
Jesus Christ & God Almighty
Inter-dimensional craft

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